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    Fig Fruit Dryer

    Posted at: 2016 / 12 / 04 by: Admin views:

    Fig Fruit Dryer

    Fig fruit dryer:
            The fig fruit is also called ficus carica, and its humidity can reach up to 78%. It has three existing water which are free water, colloid water and combined water. And the fig fruit drying process is mainly to reduce the free water and colloid water.
            The fig fruit dryer, made from Gongyi Lantian Machanical Plant, is a new type high efficiency and energy-saving dryer. Its working principle is using a small amount of electric energy, through the action of conpressor and evaporator, it will transfer the outside air to high temperature and high  pressure air to dry the fig fruits. Through this circulating work, the fig fruit dryer can make the chamber temperature to 5-95℃.  We design different scale of fig fruit dryers for customers option.

    Fig Fruit Dryer

    The drying process of fig drying machine:
            1. Drying fig fruits will be three stages: keep the temperature 65-75℃ for 3-5 hours, then make the temperature to 50-55 for 16 hours. And at last, keep the temperature 55-60℃ for one hour. 
            2. Heating process: in the drying process, the fig fruit drying machine will heat the fig fruits circulately. When the temperature reach to the fixed temperature, the main machine will stop heating, and when the temperature is lower than the fixed temperature, the main machine will start to heat.
            3. Moisture reducing process: according to the humidity of chamber, the system of the fig fruit drying equipment automatically control the hydrofuging. For example, the humidity controling instrument is set to 50%, and the hydrofuging time is set to 15 minutes, the hydrofuging fan will start to work for 1 minute. Every 15 minutes, the fan will start to do the work if the humidity is more than 50%, till the humidity meet the requirement.

    Fig Fruit Dryer

    The features of fig fruit drying equipment:
            1. Easy installation and demolition, small covering space, and can be installed in the indoor or outdoor.
            2. High efficiency and energy saving. Our ficus carica drying machine can absorb much heat source from the air, and its electric consumtion is just 1/3-1/4 of other heater. And compared with coal dryer, gas fuel dryer, and the old type dryer, our ficus carica dryer can save 75% operation cost.
            3. No pollution and environmental protection. Our ficus carica drying equipment, no any combustion or emissions, completely meet the food hygienic standard, is a kind of sustainable development and environmental friendly drying equipment.
            4. Running safely and reliably. Compared with the traditional drying equipments (coal dryer, gas fuel dryer, or other elctric heater), our fig fruit dryer will never has the risks of flammability, explosive, toxic, short circuit, etc. And it is a absolutely safe and reliable closed drying device.
            5. Long using life and low maintenance cost. Our fig fruit drying machine is developped from the traditional drying machine, so our this new type dryer has mature technology, stable performance, reliable and long lifetime.
            6. Comportable, convenient, and high automatic and intelligent.
            7. Wide application and not affected by weather. Our fig fruit drying equipment can be widely used in food, chamical, pharmaceutical, paper, leather, wood, agricultural and sideline products, etc.

    If you are interested in our products , please send inquiry to our email:Alisa@lantianmachine.com

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