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    Mango Slice Dryer

    Posted at: 2016 / 12 / 04 by: Admin views:

    Mango Slice Dryer

    Machine for drying mango:
            Mango slice dryer is researched and developped from the traditional drying furnaces, avoiding the disadvantages of old drying method. It is not only not affected by the weather, also has short drying time, precise controlling system for temperature and moisture. Our mango slice drying equipment is an intelligent, automatic drying equipment, free labor managing when drying process.
            Our mango drying machine can efficiently solve the problems of discoloration, going bad, cracking, uneven moisture and pollution in mango drying process, to make the dried mango full, good color and gloss.

    Mango Slice Dryer

    Mango slice drying equipment process:
            1. Choose the ripe fresh mango with good color, and the ripeness can be better 80-90%. Lower ripeness of mango will havenot good color, and over ripe mango will easily go bad.
            2. Wash and clean the mangos, and remove the unqualified ones.
            3. Peel the mango and slice mango to chips with 8-10mm thickness.
            4. Use sulphur to fumigate the mango slice for color-protecting.
            5. Draining off water, put the mango slices on the trays, then put them into drying chamber for drying. At initial stage, we can set the drying temperature to 70-75℃ for largely draining moisture, and we can control the temperature to 60-65℃ at next stage. And lastest stage, we can set temperature to 45-50 for slowly draining moisture to ensure the mango no crack. When drying, please flips mango slices.
            6. Dry the mango slices to 16-18% moisture, and then put them into closed room for 2-3 days, to make sure every part of slices has even moisture.

    Mango Slice Dryer

    Features of mango slice dryer:
            1. Automatic PLC controlling system.
            2. High controlling precision of temperature and humidity.
            3. Low energy consumption, and low operation cost.
            4. Safe, no overheating or burning dangerous when drying process.
            5. Draining moisture evenly.
            6. Widely application and not affected by weather.
            7. Long lifetime and low maintenance cost.
            8. Environmental protection.

    If you are interested in our products , please send inquiry to our email:Alisa@lantianmachine.com

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