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    Jackfruit Drying Machine

    Posted at: 2016 / 12 / 03 by: Admin views:

    Jackfruit Drying Machine

    Introduction of pineapple slice dryer:
            The pineapple slice dryer of Gongyi Lantian Machanical Plant belongs to high temperature electric dryer, through using compressor to improve temperature (adjustable temperature: 5-90℃, and adjustable humidity: 5-95%). Our this pineapple slice drying machine is no need burning coal, wood, charcoal, gas, etc, just need a small amount of electrical energy to drive the compressor to obtain the required high temperature hot air. Also, our jackfruit dryer is of automatic work, safty, environmental protection, non pollution, no wastes emission and low power consumption, which is a better solution for drying fruits.

    Jackfruit Drying Machine

    Jackfruit Drying Machine

            The pineapple slice drying equipment is composed of: 1. Heating device and moisture reducing device. 2. Heat preservation chamber. 3. Hot air circulation system. 4. Intelligent controlling system. The heating device is for generatoring the hot air, and circulation system is to ensure the temperature and inside airflow uniform. While, the intelligent controlly system is to make the whole drying process with constant temperature and constant humidity to ensure the drying quality.
            Pineapple dryer is a kind of environmental protection and energy-saving drying equipment, and drying process won’t produce any harmful substances, smoke or flame. The humidity and temperature can be adjusted according to the properties of raw materials. Our jackfruit dryer is high intelligent, and no need any worker to supervise during drying process, and the machine can automatic stop working when the materials are dried well or it reach the fixed temperature, which realize the efficiency of energy-saving. Our this jackfruit drying machine can save 50% energy than the infrared electric heating device, save 40% energy than burning oil, 20-30% than burning coal. And in the drying process, it can produce cold air. The cold air can be directly sent into the chamber to improve the working environment. Our jackfruit drying equipment can be customized according customers’ requirements.
            Pineapple slice drying machine is a kind of heat pump dryer, which is a mild drying method. The surface moisture evaporating speed and the speed of internal moisture transferred to surface are near, then the dried pineapple slice will be in good quality, good color, and high grade.

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