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    Sausage Dryer

    Posted at: 2016 / 12 / 05 by: Admin views:

    Sausage Dryer

            The sausage quality bad or good is according to the sausage ingredient process, and more mainly depends on the sausage drying process. The sausage drying process is to remove a part of water, form good apperarance, color, flavor and storage. The process of sausage is “70% ingredients and 30% drying”. So, the drying is the very important process.

    Sausage Dryer

    Sausage dryer machine composition:
            1. Drying chamber.
            2. Heating system.
            3. Condensating and dehumidifying system.
            4. Temperature and humidity control system.

    Sausage Dryer

    Drying process:
            1. Put the sausage into the drying chamber, and raise the temperautre to 60-65℃. This process is the fermentation process, and make the color not change. After preheating, the temperature can be 45-55℃, and control the moisture to 50%-55%.
            2. Keep the temperature 52-54℃, and keep the moisture 45%, and drying for 3-4 hours. The sausage color will turns to bright red from light red at this time, and the sausage surface will shrink, and the surface will turns to hard. So we can use alternate cooling and drying to process the sausage.
            3. This stage, the main restrictive factor is temperature, in order to strengthen the drying speed, the temperature should be raised to 60-62, and keep drying to 10-12 hours, and control the related humidity of 38%.

    Sausage Dryer

    The following services for all users:
            1. Dispatch professional technician to know about customers’ needs, and design and formulate the most practical and economical drying machine for customers.
            2. According to the customers requirements on function and drying time of the sausage drying machine, we design this special dryer for drying betel nuts.
            3. We can dispatch special technician to the customers factories for stallating and adjusting the sausage drying equipment, to make sure the dryer working normally and smoothly of full set of this dryer.
            4. We will teach and train the professional operation technician, and teach teach them the complete drying process for customers.
            5. Answer customer questions at any time when drying. And if the dryer cause problems which can not solve in the phone, we will dispatch technician to deal with the problem to customers factory.

    If you are interested in our products , please send inquiry to our email:Alisa@lantianmachine.com

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