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    Castana Mollissima Dryer

    Posted at: 2016 / 12 / 04 by: Admin views:

    Castana Mollissima Dryer

    The drying status of castanea mollissima:
            Castanea mollissima, also called chesnut, is fagaceae plant of the genus chestut, which is originating in China, Vietnam, Taiwan. And they grow at mountain of 370-2800 meter above sea level, and they have already been widely cultivated by artificial. The castanea mollissima has rich nutrition, and its vitamin C content is twice more than tomato and dozen times more than apple. The minerals in the castanea mollissima is comprehensive, such as potassium, zinc, iron, etc., although its content is not higher than hazelnut, but it is still much higher than apple and other common fruits, especially the content of potasslum is three times higher than apply.

    Castana Mollissima Dryer

    The functions of our castanea mollissima dryer:
            1. The hot air in the drying chamber of castanea mollissima drying machine is closed circulatory, high drying efficiency, energy saving, no secondary pollution, which conform to the requirements of the national food hygiene standards.
            2. The fan force the air circulating and make the inside temperature up and down with small difference. Unique adjustable wind board to ensure material dried evenly.
            3. The inside temperature and humidity can be self-control to ensure the appropriate temperature for drying (contain automatic heating system, intelligent dehumidifying system and automatic air circulating system).
            4. Automatic control drying time to realize automatic management. And there is alarm system.
            5. Drying fast, moisture emission is large and fast, and our castanea mollissima dryer is one of the fastest drying equipments.
            6. Our castanea mollissima drying machine adopts low humidity constant temperature drying, and the dried castanea mollissima is in good quality, not broken, good color, good nutrition elements, good water complex.
            7. Our this dryer is with reasonable structure, convenient installation and maintenance, stable and simple operation, long lifetime, and low operation cost.

    Castana Mollissima Dryer

    Castana Mollissima Dryer

    The features of castanea mollissima drying equipment:
            1. Strong ability of overload resistance, large processing capacity, low fuel consumption, and low drying cost.
            2. High thermal drying efficiency.
            3. We can change the operation parameters according to the different materials properties.
            4. Easy installation and demolition, small covering space, and can be installed in the indoor or outdoor.
            5. High efficiency and energy saving. Our pine nut drying machine can absorb much heat source from the air, and its electric consumtion is just 1/3-1/4 of other heater. And compared with coal dryer, gas fuel dryer, and the old type dryer, our pine nut dryer can save 75% operation cost.
            6. No pollution and environmental protection. Our pine nut drying equipment, no any combustion or emissions, completely meet the food hygienic standard, is a kind of sustainable development and environmental friendly drying equipment.
            7. Running safely and reliably. Compared with the traditional drying equipments (coal dryer, gas fuel dryer, or other elctric heater), our pine nut dryer will never has the risks of flammability, explosive, toxic, short circuit, etc. And it is a absolutely safe and reliable closed drying device.
            8. Long using life and low maintenance cost. Our pine nut drying machine is developped from the traditional drying machine, so our this new type dryer has mature technology, stable performance, reliable and long lifetime.
            9. Comportable, convenient, and high automatic and intelligent.
            10. Wide application and not affected by weather. Our pine nut drying equipment can be widely used in food, chamical, pharmaceutical, paper, leather, wood, agricultural and sideline products, etc.

    If you are interested in our products , please send inquiry to our email:Alisa@lantianmachine.com

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