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    Filbert Drying Machine

    Posted at: 2016 / 12 / 05 by: Admin views:

    Filbert Drying Machine

    Filbert dryer machine:
            This filbert dryer, from Gongyi Lantian Machanical Plant, is a new drying equipment which can dry jujube, palm date, banana, pineapple, fish, mushroom and other meat and vetetables. The principle of our filbert drying machine is to drive the compressor through low electric consumption, the high pressure liquid will be changed to gaseousness in the evaporator, and also absorb heat largely from the air, and then the gaseousness will be converted to high temperature and high pressure gas in the compressor. Then these gas will go into condenser to release heat source to heat the kiwi fruit. With cycling heating, the drying medium filbert can be heated to 65℃. In this process, our hazelnut drying machine consume a part of electricity, but transfer three parts of heat energy from the air to drying chamber. So compared with traditional drying equipment, our filbert drying equipment can save 2/3 electric energy.

    Filbert Drying Machine

            1. High stability and safety. The hazelnut dryer machine of Gongyi Lantian Machanical Plant is of precision design and control for pressure discharging, temperature discharging, overcurrent, overheating, overloading, etc., to make the dryer running stably and safely.
            2. Timely heating and high heating ability. The filbert drying machine adopt high efficient heat tranferring way and direct heating way, and the temperature of heating device can reach up to 85 Celsius degree, then the dryer is of high heating ability and heating timely.
            3. High automatic and intelligent. This hazelnut drying equipment adopts automatic temperature and humidity controlling system to make sure the dryer runing continuously for 24 hours per day.
            4. Low consumption. Our this hazelnut drying machine just need consume a small amount of power to absorb a lot of heat source in the air, and its electric power consumption is only 30% of normal heater. And compared with coal, oil, gas drying machine, our this kind of dryer can save around 75% operation cost.
            5. Going green and environmental protection. When drying, there is no waste gas, waste water or waste residue caused. And no pollution to the environment.
            6. Good quality of dried product. Our filbert dryer is temperate drying machine, and its drying way is near to natural drying. 
            7. Convenient installation and small occupied area. The surface moiture evaporating speed and inner moisture migrating speed are near. Then the dried filbert will be of good quality, good color and high grade.
            8. Long lifttime and low maintain cost. Our this hazelnut dryer is developed on the basis of traditional air-condition technology, so it has mature technology, stable performance, reliable and long lifetime. 
            9. Weather protected and wide range of application. Our this kind of dryer can be widely used for drying food, agricultural and sideline products, edible fungus, seafood, meat products, industrial products, chemical products, tobacco, leather goods, textiles, printing, petroleum products, grains, fruits and vegetables, medicinal heabs, metal products, etc.

    Filbert Drying Machine

    The system composition of filbert drying machine:
            1. Main device (heating system): use less electrical energy to absorb the heat from the air for drying filbert.
            2. Drying chamber: it is used for loading materials and for keeping temperature and avoiding heat losses.
            3. Wind/air circulation system: to take the heat to full of the drying chamber and improve the temperature, and to take away the water evaporated from filbert.
            4. Dehumidifying system: drain out the water in the chamber to achieve the purpose of drying.
            5. Waste heat recovery system: the filbert drying equipment has three waste heat recovery systems, which greatly lower the loss of heat.
            6. Drainage system: discharge the condensate water to outside to avoid the increasing humidity of the chamber.
            7. Programmable intelligent control system: automatically adjust temperature, humidity, drying temperature, and intelligent operation according to the most appropriate drying process curve.
            8. Warning system: to set warning parameters based on time, temperature, humidity, etc. according to users requirements.

    If you are interested in our products , please send inquiry to our email:Alisa@lantianmachine.com

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