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    Tremella Dehydrator

    Posted at: 2016 / 12 / 05 by: Admin views:

    Tremella Dehydrator

    The tremella dryer machine:
            Tremella is also called the white fungus, and it is a kind of artificial cultivation of edible vegetables and its edible part is the colloid fruiting body.
            Tremella dryer is one of important drying equipment in Gongyi Lantian Machanical Plant. And its main features is energy saving, safe and environment protecting. The tremella drying machine only need to consume little electric power to drive the compressor and absorb heat from outside air, and through the circulating fan to transfer the heat into drying chamber to increase the temperature of drying chamber (5-95℃ adjustable temperature). Utilize the waste heat recycling dehumidifying device to reduce the moisture, so as to achieve the purpose of drying materials. Our tremella dryer adopts microcomputer to control the termperature and moisture intelligently, and no person supervising in the whole drying process, and no any emissions.

    Tremella Dehydrator

    Tremella Dehydrator

    The tremella drying process:
            The main process of drying tremella is: fall into water soak --> pick --> drain water --> dry --> package. The harvested tremella need to be put into water for soaking, and tremella bloat and be full, and pick out the defective tremella. Averagely layer and rack the tremella and drain water for one hour, then put them into the drying chamber. Adjust the drying temperature 45-55℃, and distribute the circulating fans reasonabily to ensure that each layer of tremellas are ventilated and heated evenly. The humidity is high in the first three hours, the tremella will not go bad or change color if dehumidifying in time. Control the temperature ot 40-50℃ in the last 5 hours, and dry the tremella that it can crush easily. Because of the tremella hydroscopicity is good, the dried tremella should be packed in the bag and put in the dry room or refrigerated storage.

    Tremella Dehydrator

            1. Easy installation and demolition, small covering space, and can be installed in the indoor or outdoor.
            2. High efficiency and energy saving. Our tremella drying machine can absorb much heat source from the air, and its electric consumtion is just 1/3-1/4 of other heater. And compared with coal dryer, gas fuel dryer, and the old type dryer, our longan dryer can save 75% operation cost.
            3. No pollution and environmental protection. Our tremella drying equipment, no any combustion or emissions, completely meet the food hygienic standard, is a kind of sustainable development and environmental friendly drying equipment.
            4. Running safely and reliably. Compared with the traditional drying equipments (coal dryer, gas fuel dryer, or other elctric heater), our tremella dryer will never has the risks of flammability, explosive, toxic, short circuit, etc. And it is a absolutely safe and reliable closed drying device.

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