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    Cashew Nut Drying Machine

    Posted at: 2016 / 12 / 05 by: Admin views:

    Cashew Nut Drying Machine

    Cashew nut drying machine:
            Using a dryer to dry the cashew nut can save drying time which is very popular all over the world in recent years. While the cashew nut dryer from Gongyi Lantian Machanical Plant will be the best choice to dry cashew nut and make snacks. The heating device will absorb heat from the air, or recover the residual heat in the drying process, and then transfer this heat and energy to drying chamber through compressor power. The hot air in the chamber, after being heated repeatedly, will absorb the moisture in the cashew nuts, and take out these moisture out under its cooling humidification and through the process of hot wind removing moisture or condensation removing moisture. And finally realize the drying cashew nuts continuously. And when drying, the Max temperature will be 85 Celsius Degree.

    Cashew Nut Drying Machine

            1. Automatic PLC controlling system.
            2. High controlling precision of temperature and humidity.
            3. Low energy consumption, and low operation cost.
            4. Safe, no overheating or burning dangerous when drying process.
            5. Draining moisture evenly.
            6. Widely application and not affected by weather.
            7. Long lifetime and low maintenance cost.
            8. Environmental protection.

    Cashew Nut Drying Machine

    Model selection:
            1. 3P cashew nut dryer can adapt about 15 CBM chamber, and it will consume 3 degree electric power per hour.
            2. 6P cashew nut drying machine can adapt 25 CBM drying chamber, and it will consume 6 degrees electric power per hour.
            3. 10P cashew nut drying equipment can adapt 40 CBM drying chamber, and it will consume 12 degrees electric power per hour.

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