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    Carya Illinoensis Dryer

    Posted at: 2016 / 12 / 05 by: Admin views:

    Carya Illinoensis Dryer

    The born reason of carya illinoensis dryer:
            The drying and dehumidifying device is the necessary equipments in the industrial production, food production and agricultural processing. With the improvement of people living quality, the consciousness of environment protecting is more and more strong. The non-renewable resources (such as natural gas, coal and oil) is increasely exhausted, and the original coal, fuel oil or electric heating and other high energy consumption equipment will be strictly limited or prohibited to use. So it is more and more urgent to look for a new safe, environmental protection, high efficiency and energy saving drying and dehumidifying equipment replacing the old equipment. The Lantian brand carya illinoensis drying machine is using the principle of air energy which is energy saving, environmental protection, safe and healthand intelligent operation. And our carya illinoensis drying machine greatly improve the operation efficiency.

    Carya Illinoensis Dryer

    The system composition:
            1. Main device (heating system): use less electrical energy to absorb the heat from the air for drying filbert.
            2. Drying chamber: it is used for loading materials and for keeping temperature and avoiding heat losses.
            3. Wind/air circulation system: to take the heat to full of the drying chamber and improve the temperature, and to take away the water evaporated from filbert.
            4. Dehumidifying system: drain out the water in the chamber to achieve the purpose of drying.
            5. Waste heat recovery system: the filbert drying equipment has three waste heat recovery systems, which greatly lower the loss of heat.
            6. Drainage system: discharge the condensate water to outside to avoid the increasing humidity of the chamber.
            7. Programmable intelligent control system: automatically adjust temperature, humidity, drying temperature, and intelligent operation according to the most appropriate drying process curve.
            8. Warning system: to set warning parameters based on time, temperature, humidity, etc. according to users requirements.

    Carya Illinoensis Dryer

    Model selection:
            1. 3P dryer can adapt about 15 CBM chamber, and it will consume 3 degree electric power per hour.
            2. 6P carya illinoensis drying machine can adapt 25 CBM drying chamber, and it will consume 6 degrees electric power per hour.
            3. 10P carya illinoensis drying equipment can adapt 40 CBM drying chamber, and it will consume 12 degrees electric power per hour.

    If you are interested in our products , please send inquiry to our email:Alisa@lantianmachine.com

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