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    Pumpkin seed dryer

    Posted at: 2016 / 12 / 03 by: Admin views:

    Pumpkin seed dryer

    Introduction of pumpkin chips dryer:
            The pumpkin chips dryer from Gongyi Lantian Machanical Plant is a kind of high temperature heat pump drying machine. And this kind of pumpkin chips drying equipment is through absorbing the heat from outside air to increase the temperature of chamber (the adjustable temperature inside chamber can be 8-95℃, and adjustable moisture is 5-95%), no need to burn coal, fuel, or charcoal, no need to use the boiler nor steam, it just need less electric to drive compressor to get the required high temperature heat. Our this pumpkin chips drying machine is safe and environment protecting, and it has no pollution, no emissions, and it is a low electric power consumption, automatic energy saving drying equipment.

    Pumpkin seed dryer

    The system composition of pumpkin chips drying machine:
            1. Main device (heating system): use less electrical energy to absorb the heat from the air for drying pumpkin chips.
            2. Drying chamber: it is used for loading materials and for keeping temperature and avoiding heat losses.
            3. Wind/air circulation system: to take the heat to full of the drying chamber and improve the temperature, and to take away the water evaporated from pumpkin chips.
            4. Dehumidifying system: drain out the water in the chamber to achieve the purpose of drying.
            5. Waste heat recovery system: the pumpkin chips drying equipment has three waste heat recovery systems, which greatly lower the loss of heat.
            6. Drainage system: discharge the condensate water to outside to avoid the increasing humidity of the chamber.
            7. Programmable intelligent control system: automatically adjust temperature, humidity, drying temperature, and intelligent operation according to the most appropriate drying process curve.
            8. Warning system: to set warning parameters based on time, temperature, humidity, etc. according to users requirements.

    Pumpkin seed dryer

    The advantages of pumpkin chips drying equipment:
            1. Stable, not affected by the weather, can work through the day and night.
            2. High energy efficiency. Our pumpkin seed dryer use clean electricity, and its running consumption is 40% of oil dryer, 60% of coal dryer and 30% of other heating dryer. It adopts full closed dehumidifying system, and waste heat circulation system and no need to discharge the waste heat to outside.
            3. Good drying efficiency. The dried pumpkin chips will be in good appearance, high nutrient content, drying uniform and fully drying.
            4. Small covering area, easy installation. The pumpkin chips drying machine just need a small area for installation, and the drying chamber can be assembled easily.
            5. Intelligent and no workers for supervising. The touching screen programmable intelligent control system. A key to start the dryer to run automatically.
            6. Safe. Our pumpkin chips drying equipment adopts electricity and air separated technology, so no electric leak risk, no inflammable fire or explosion risk.
            7. Environmental protection. Our pumpkin chips drying machine is using the clean elctric energy, and no any pollution for the pumpkin chips, and no pollution to the environment, no any wastes discharging.
            8. Excellent accessories to make the dryer duriable using.
            9. Simple operation and convenient maintenance.
            10. Multifunctional and wide application. Our pumpkin chips drying equipment can dry, dehumidify, and cool. It can be used in food drying, agricultural drying, wood drying, industrial products drying, etc.

    If you are interested in our products , please send inquiry to our email:Alisa@lantianmachine.com

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